27 Videographers in London You Should Know in 2021

People May 11, 2021

Videographers record various events. These events might include interviews, conferences, or weddings.

Typically, they work as a one-person show and handle all lighting, editing, and arrangement themselves. They work hard to capture candid moments as they unfold because they rarely have a chance for retakes.

London is buzzing with creatives. Here's our list of 27 videographers in London you should check out.

1. Michael Gray

Michael Gray from Mike Visuals is a young content creator who calls London  home, even though he's constantly on the move traveling the world.

His passion and talent for videography allowed him to work with amazing brands to create content that promotes tourism and various beautiful destinations.

He shares his experiences with the local culture and more on YouTube and his Instagram.

Find these and more on Mike's website: https://mikevisuals.com/

2. Kaì Song

Kaì Song is the founder of Kaì Creative, a creative team specializing in promotional and corporate video and motion graphics.

Their passionate work with events all over the UK, Europe, and even the US and Asia has helped countless businesses with their promotion and brand identity.

Kaì also has a successful YouTube channel that shares filmmaker tips, film gear advice, and much more!

Find Kaì's work at:

Freelance Videography | Kai Creative Videography | Kent
Kaì·Creatìve is London and Kent based corporate video production company that specialise in producing high quality corporate videos and animations for small businesses to large multinationals in London, the South East and the world.

3. Ali Kubba

Freelance director, filmmaker, and videographer Ali Kubba spends his time between London and Dubai doing commercial work for television and social media.

His dedication and professionalism shine through his work. He already impressed clients like Panasonic, Foot Locker, and Hermès.

Find Ali's work here: https://alikubba.com

4. Keenan Lam

London-based Keenan Lam created captivating branded videos for Xbox's Cloud Gaming Campaign and ads for Nike, amongst others!

His short film "ASCEND" for the Panasonic Lumix S5 pushes both the camera and its subject to the limit as Keenan follows climber Tom Garner on his bouldering trip in the Peak District.

Find the short film, his work, and more: https://keenanlam.com/

5. Kimmie Hoo

Kimmie Hoo photographer and digital artist also established herself as a videographer through her excellent campaign and event videos.

Through Fault Magazine she got to work with artists like Adam Lambert and Mahalia, creating BTS footage from photoshoots.

Check out her creative edits and work at:

Kimmie Hoo Creative | London | Portfolio
Welcome to Kimmie Hoo Creative! I’m a freelance photographer and digital illustrator based in London. Feel free to look through my work and if you’re interested in working with me, let’s shoot.

6. Khurum Khan

Khurum Khan's wedding photos and videos have that magical feel that so many engaged couples seek. His photos and video coverage of that special day create memories families can look back fondly on for years to come.

His travel videos on YouTube covering over a dozen countries are sure to get you packing your suitcase as soon as the pandemic allows it!

Looking to start your own YouTube journey? Check out our lists of best cameras for YouTube and vlogging.

Check out Khurum's work here:

Khurum Khan
Award Winning London based filmmaker and photographer, specialising in wedding videos and photography.

7. Nadira Amrani

Nadira is a British-Algerian visual artist and videographer with an interest in exploring identity duality through surrealism.

This interest shines through her work as she showcases marginalized or underrepresented people in empowering poses, often relating to classical art and paintings.

Nadira worked with many art institutions besides her work with musicians and record labels.

Find her portfolio at:

Nadira Amrani - Nadira Amrani Director and Visual Artist
Nadira Amrani

8. Pav Guliani

Pav Guliani, a London-based filmmaker, and licensed drone pilot has a penchant for shooting social media content, travel, and corporate videos.

As a freelancer, he takes on projects worldwide besides his personal projects on his YouTube channel where he often shares insider tips and tricks on filmmaking.

Get in contact with Pav or find more of his work at:

Pav Guliani

9. Nono Ayuso

Director Nono Ayuso worked on commercials for brands like Ferrero, Open Bank, and Metro de Madrid. He also directed his own short film shot in Japan, The Heartbeats of Memory.

He has a diverse background as an ex-investigate journalist often working in active conflict zones, experience teaching at a University and he even used to be part of a band.

See more of Nono's work here:

NONO | Director

10. Gerard Puigmal

Gerard Puigmal DoP and camera operator works with an array of projects including drama, commercials, and documentaries.

He has experience with a wide range of roles as he's worked as a camera assistant, photographer, and gaffer as well.

See more about Gerard's projects:

Gerard Puigmal - DoP & Camera Operator

11. Ailsa Vanessa Tapping

Ailsa Vanessa Tapping is a London-based commercial and music video producer who worked with prestigious brands like Bumble, Huawei, and Jaguar.

After getting a BA (Hons) in Digital Film Production, Ailsa worked with different production companies before going freelance.

Ailsa maintains an ethos to keep production quality always at the forefront. She works above and beyond demands to always create stunning results.

Check out Ailsa's work on her website: https://www.ailsavanessatapping.com/

videographer in London with a camera

12. Thomas Ralph

Thomas Ralph is a filmmaker and director based in London, working with commercials, branded content, and music videos.

His work has been recognized at Cannes Lions, D&AD, British Arrows, and more.

You can find out more about Thomas at:

Director & Photographer.

13. Julian Langham

BBC-trained, Central London-based Julian Langham produces, directs, films, and edits high-quality films and videos.

His work with promotional and event videos, documentaries, theatrical performances, and more has left satisfied a wide client base in the past 15 years.

Check out Julian's portfolio at:

Videographer in London - Filmmaker, Editor, BBC trained
Videographer, video editor and filmmaker in Central London producing high quality videos and short films for marketing and promotion. BBC trained

14. Sergej Novosad

Sergej Novosad works as a freelance videographer and video editor for Splento in London. He's an expert at corporate videography and covers highlight films for events, meetings, and conferences around Europe.

Besides videography, Sergej also offers live streaming, video editing, and graphic design services.
Find Sergej's work here:

Freelance Videographer in London & Brighton - Sergej Novosad
I am Freelance Videographer in London. I participate in various projects, film videos for different events and gigs, create promotional films.

15. Nikola Auterska

Nikola Auterska is a Birmingham, London-based Cinematography MA graduate from the Goldsmiths University of London.

As a freelance cinematographer and camera assistant, she creates content for fashion films, social media, and promotion. She also works with narrative short films and experimental films as her passion projects.

Check out Nikola's shorts films and other work:

Film - Nikola Auterska
Nikola Auterska - Cinematography

16. Adam Haq

Adam Haq filmmaker, digital marketer, and graphic and creative designer creates promotional videos that can make a business stand out from the rest.

Having been commissioned by several global brands, Adam is always focused on high-quality design.

See Adam's work:


17. Fanny Hoetzeneder

London-based film director Fanny Hoetzeneder moved to the UK from France at 18 to study filmmaking.

Since then she's been directing music videos, TV commercials, and short films that fascinate.

The influence of photography is clear in her films. She likes to create content where the viewer is allowed to "find meaning with a feeling rather than a fact".

Check out Fanny's portfolio: https://fannyhoetzeneder.com/

18. Petra Cozianu

Petra Cozianu is a visual storyteller experienced with various means of artistic expression, like acting, photography, and film.

After graduating with a BA in Film Studies and an MA in Cinematography, she started working as a freelance videographer, expanding her creative and commercial portfolio.

Her notable clients include Bacardi, British Airways, Durex, and Primark.

See Petra's work at:

ABOUT | Petra Cozianu
Petra Cozianu is a Camera Operator who offers professional Videography services in London, UK. Corporate|Commercial|Branded|Social|Narrative

19. Alberto Balázs

Alberto Balázs is an Argentinian cinematographer based between London and Lisbon.

His narrative projects focus on exploring social and environmental issues. He also creates commercials and other promotional content.

Find Balázs's portfolio and reach out to him at: https://www.albertobalazs.com/

video camera in London

20. Corry Raymond

Corry Raymond, filmmaker and content producer has been part of the media production industry for over 8 years.

He works both with scripted and non-scripted narrative formats and commercial content. He has produced content for BBC, Channel 4, and Ubisoft.

Find Corry's work at:

Corry Raymond
Highly experienced video content producer, working across broadcast and digital. Raymond’s vast list of professional credits include working as a Director, Cinematographer, Editor and independent content producer.

21. Stefano Perugini

Stefano Perugini is an international freelance video producer, specializing in creative video content. He also is an experienced wedding videographer with a cinematic style.

Stefano's focus on branded content means that he's always working toward realizing a brand's vision.

Some of these brands include Arsenal FC, Marie Curie, Dr. Martens, and Sky Sports.

Find Stefano's porfolio:

Stefano Perugini - Freelance Video Producer
London Based Creative Video Producer

22. Marina Uzcategui

Marina Uzcategui is a freelance documentary filmmaker and videographer, who's worked with imposing clients like Apple, Volvo, and Quick Brown Fox.

As a skilled video editor, she has over 10 years of experience working with popular editing software. Through this she's had the chance to collaborate with many videographers in London.

Find Marina's work at: https://www.marinauzcategui.com/

23. James Cook

James Cook, the founder behind FOSTER studios, helps companies develop their brand through video production and photography.

His team of videographers in London has worked with companies like Hamleys and Fever-Tree, and his manifesto is to provide a brilliant content marketing service to any company.

FOSTER Studios has great expertise in the sport, education and, hospitality sectors, as seen on their website:

FOSTER Studios
Taking care of your creative.

24. Bernard

Having worked with brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, and Converse, videographer and editor Bernard is passionate about creating great client experiences.

He works with a wide range of videography services, like corporate video production, tech and event videos, documentaries, and social media content.

Find his work on: https://www.itsbernard.com/

25. Yanina Liassa

Yanina Liassa is the woman behind Fat Cat Cinema Productions, a London content agency specializing in music videos and other music content.

Yanina's work can be seen on her website at: https://www.fatcatcinemaproductions.com/

26. Cameron Hall

Cameron Hall started CH filmmaking in early 2018 to turn his passion for film into a career.

With his powerful skillset, he has since then built a portfolio with notable clients including GQ Magazine, Adidas, and Gymshark.

Find Cameron at CH Filmmaking:

Committed to delivering engaging digital media, Cameron Hall is a London based Cinematographer specialising in video production and inspired storytelling. Featured clients include GQ Magazine, The Face, Bossa Studios, Gymshark and many more.

27. Sam Gillespie

Sam Gillespie filmmaker, photographer, and drone operator works with commercial video productions. His marketing experience shines through all his work: he loves to help clients grow their brands and reach their objectives in authentic ways.

His clients include Red Bull and Danone amongst others.

Sam works in Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, and London. Check out his portfolio:

Sam Gillespie | Photographer & Video Production | Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham & London - Sam Gillespie | Photographer & Video Production | Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham & London
Sam Gillespie is an award-winning Photographer & Filmmaker, providing affordable and high-quality photography and video production services to brands and businesses in Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham and London.

Closing thoughts

It's easy to get lost in the see of creativity the bustling city of London always provides. Hope this list of creators to look out for was helpful!

Looking to hire a videographer? Then you'll need a creative brief. Check out our video creative brief template for inspiration.

Know any more videographers in London we should add? Feel free to reach out!

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