Have you Considered Wedio Subscription? Learn More About Why It May Be the Right Choice for You

Subscription Mar 12, 2020

All right, we admit it — if you are a creator and have no problem with big upfront costs when purchasing new gear, love to shoot with the same camera for 5+ years, and you just really can't stand the thought of not owning the equipment yourself from day 1 after purchase — then, for now, Wedio Subscription may not be the right choice for you.

But on the other hand — if you value flexibility and the possibility of free gear — then you have come to the right place!

What is Wedio Subscription? Is this the right choice for you? Enjoy flexibility and free gear

Here are the perks of going for a Subscription:

  1. Get gear finance itself;
  2. You’re flexible;
  3. Stay away from upfront costs and years of financial commitment;
  4. Buy the gear if you want (Rent to own);
  5. Get covered by our global insurance.

Get gear finance itself

One of the best aspects of the subscription is the possibility of free gear. Wedio gives you the opportunity to let the gear finance itself by renting it out during the times when you’re not using it yourself. You only have to rent out 2-5 days per month to cover the subscription so that you have the gear for yourself for free.

The broad insurance that Wedio offers will cover this transaction as well.

Let gear finance itself. Rent out 2 days to cover your subscription fee

You’re flexible

You have the flexibility to change the gear that you’ve subscribed for and can stay up-to-date with the newest models. Through out your subscription you always have the option to.

  • keep subscribing;
  • send it back for free;
  • buy it at any time (Rent to Own).

Stay away from upfront costs and years of financial commitment

We’ve talked before about the unnecessary investments in gear within this era’s tech market that develops at the speed of light and quickly replaces “old” technology with brand new one. Within the current market, the big upfront costs required at purchase and lack of flexibility bind you, as a creator, to go through years of committing to a financing plan. In the actual scenario, when gear gets outdated within only one year after purchase, going through all of these is totally unnecessary.

Subscription plan benefits. Avoid upfront costs and lengthy financial agreements

Rent to own if you want

We know about the affection value of your gear — therefore, you can also choose to buy the equipment if you get along so well together. This is done through a rent-to-own model. Your price is the purchase price minus the amount already paid throughout your subscription — but minimum €7 in service fee per item.

Get covered by our global insurance

The insurance that Wedio offers for every subscription is free and automatically included in each rental. In order for you to focus on your craft and forget about the possibility of damage, we’ve implemented the world’s first Global On-Demand insurance for professional film and photo equipment, covering up to €40,000 (DKK 300,000) per rental. This means that you won’t risk finding yourself in a financial bind if an unlikely accident should occur.

To make it easier for you to see the big picture, this is how it works:

How subscription works at Wedio

Take for example Canon EOS R Complete package that costs €349 per month under subscription. This package is quite attractive for many creators within our community for short-term rentals, since it’s great for a B-cam setup, or an interview setup for small and medium-sized companies.

Ok. Say you’d like to buy it outright. In this case, the total price for the package is €7,293. As an alternative, if the sum is too high to pay at once, the current selling market would support you in a financing plan through a three-year-lease period. That’s a very long period of time to pay for gear that will normally need upgrading before you actually finish paying for it.

Opposed to the two situations above, what Wedio Subscription offers to you is paying for the exact package a monthly price of €349. In this way, you have the advantage of trying and seeing whether the gear fits your style or not before actually buying it — if that’s what you’d eventually want to do.

This is when it gets even better. Once you apply for the subscription, you access two more possibilities that can make your life easier (at least in gear related issues :) )

1. Wedio Subscription gives you the possibility of renting your gear further within the community and potentially make your gear free of charge. You can turn your subscription costs to 0 if you succeed in renting the equipment further for only 2-5 days per month, during the period of time you’re not using it yourself.
For example, you rent it further for 3 days for €300 — now your costs have already been reduced to €49 — and it can get to less depending on how much you make the gear work for you.

How can you list your gear and be successful in renting it out?

We can help with that as well and give you guidance on how to make your listings stand out, so you have more chances to be seen by your peers.

2. You can always purchase the product outright — at any time. For the Canon EOS R Complete package above, it would be €5,199 instead of €7,293 after 6 months subscription. However, if you’re still not ready for that, you can just continue with the subscription until you can eventually end up paying only €7 for a gear that either you, or your peers paid for it until then.

So, from the initial €7,293 purchasing price, you can potentially end up paying for the gear €0, depending on how much energy you’ve invested in re-renting it. What’s not to like?

Practicalities and other things that can be on your mind

Practicalities and other things that can be on your mind Subscription Wedio

What’s the condition of the gear?

The gear is new and as good as new, fully functioning and in flawless condition. You can always check the condition of the equipment on the product’s page when there’s something that catches your eye. The price is directly proportional to its state and quality, and before products are available for subscription again, they go through a detailed quality check.

Do I have to worry about signs of use?

No, you don’t. Small scratches and normal signs of use will be cleaned after return for free, so you can enjoy your gear as if it were your own.

However, in case of severe signs of wear and damage, Wedio Global Insurance will cover the repair costs. You will only pay the first 10% of any damages, at least the amount of €267 (DKK 2,000), and maximum the amount of €667 (DKK 5,000).

When does the subscription begin and end?

The first payment is made immediately when you place your first order. Your future payments will be billed monthly from the delivery date. For example, if you start your subscription on the 5th of April and receive the product on the 12th of April, the first payment will be 5th of April, and the next payment will be on the 12th of May.

Read more in our support center.

To cut a long story short

By going for the Wedio Subscription, you can enjoy simple monthly payments with no hidden costs, and have permanent access to gear that can fuel your creative potential. We believe that the Wedio Subscription model covers all the technical needs you have as a creator, while being both flexible and budget friendly.

Summary of Wedio Subscription Infographic

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